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How To Transition Your Makeup Bag From Summer To Fall!

Fall Makeup Tips

By: Canvas Makeup Academy

The weather is quickly starting to shift and we are in the in between stage. Not quite summer and not quite fall yet. Soon the leaves will begin to fall and the air will become more crisp and cooler. With the change in weather we have to adjust our makeup accordingly. The number one question I receive from my clients when the seasons change is, “will my summer products work for me in the fall/winter months?” I always say, absolutely with just a few adjustments.

When I think of fall, I envision the colors of falling leaves, I can smell pumpkin spice scents everywhere, and warm cozy sweaters. Your makeup should be reminiscent of all things fall. Although I have to admit I’m a little bummed out, I have to say goodbye to the warm weather. However, the upside is the fall trends in makeup are very similar to some of the trends we saw in the summer months.

Skin is still in. To be honest I could not be more excited to see that dewy, and natural skin focuses are carrying into the fall. I would recommend using the same skin products from summer. Using lightweight products such as skin tints, tinted moisturizers, sheer to medium coverage foundations to even out the complexion. The color may have to be adjusted if your tan is slowly fading. But the technique and application will remain the same. 

As we know summer was all about bronzed glows and dewy skin, I know please don’t remind me. The good thing is you can still rock bronzed skin, just lighten up the application. Using the bronzer to only add warmth to the skin as needed and not to deepen the skin. I would also add more blush than bronzer to add color to the face and also to match the intensity of the fall colors.

You can still use your cream blushes to add a sheen and glow to the skin. Blush can fall anywhere in between a sheer wash of color to a bold vibrant burst of color. Sticking with terracotta, brick and peachy tones would be ideal for this season, think of the colors from falling leaves we will soon see.

Eye makeup from summer to fall can remain the same. The trend this season is mixing textures, for example pairing matte and dewy textures together. If you have dewy or natural looking skin pairing it with a matte eye shadow or lip, can create a play on texture and pairs very well together. You can rock a bold lip color and dial back on your eyeshadow. Or you can flip it and be bold and daring with your eye shadow and be more forgiving with the lip color. You can also combine the two and be bold with your eyeshadow and lip color. Makeup looks especially for fall is a great time to experiment with color and be as bold and expressive as you see fit. 

Transitioning from summer to fall can be a smooth transition. I love adding just a few new products to my makeup bag to stay on trend. A total overhaul is not needed, you can stay on trend and create some amazing looks just by simply mixing and incorporating your products used in the summer.

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