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Makeup Lessons

  • One on One Private Lessons
  • Tuition $500-$2,200
  • Sunday - Saturday 
  • 3 hours -22 hours 
  • 50% Deposit required

Course Duration: 3 hours - 22 hours

Course Level: Beginner to Advanced 


This course is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their makeup knowledge. You will learn the basics of makeup artistry using self demonstrating techniques or by applying makeup on a model. Application techniques will be discussed, demonstrated and then practiced. This is a One on One course. Private setting. Tailored to fit your needs. In-depth hands on training, customizable lesson plans. 


Bring a model or you can learn on yourself! 


This class can be tailored to fit a group setting as well. Gather a group of friends and have fun while indulging in the world of beauty! (Special group rates will apply call to inquire)




Beauty Makeup 

Glamour Makeup 

Foundation Matching

Highlight | Contour 

Eye Shadow Placement 

Lip Shaping 

Eye Brow Shaping 

False Lash Application 

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