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Private Makeup Lessons


Starting at $500


3 Hours - 22 Hours

About the Course

In this private makeup lesson, you'll gain comprehensive skills in both daytime and evening makeup applications. From creating a natural radiant look for the day to mastering the art of glamorous evening makeup, you'll receive a personalized guidance to enhance your makeup techniques and achieve stunning results.

You will learn the basics of makeup artistry using self demonstrating techniques or by applying makeup on a model. Application techniques will be discussed, demonstrated and then practiced. This is a One on One course. Private setting. Tailored to fit your needs. In-depth hands on training, customizable lesson plans. 

Bring a model or you can learn on yourself! 

This class can be tailored to fit a group setting as well. Gather a group of friends and have fun while indulging in the world of beauty! (Special group rates will apply call to inquire)

Course Duration: 3 hours - 22 hours

Course Level: Beginner to Advanced 


Beauty Makeup 

Glamour Makeup 

Foundation Matching

Highlight | Contour 

Eye Shadow Placement 

Lip Shaping 

Eye Brow Shaping 

False Lash Application 

Your Instructor

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